This site contains technical papers, software and other materials by Jose-Luis Landabaso in the area of foreground segmentation, 3D reconstruction and tracking.


I joined
Telefonica R&D in September 2006. I have been working on topics ranging from a tool for segmenting objects in video scenes for interactive product placement to real-time 3D videoconferencing, 3D IPTV, hand-based user interfaces, free viewpoint video and on virtual camera travelling from a set of fixed cameras. I am currently involved in Spanish project CENIT VISION and European project IST FP7 3DPresence.

I started my PhD with the
image processing group of the UPC in March 2001. My work was mainly devoted to foreground segmentation, 2D/3D tracking and 3D reconstruction. As part of my PhD, in 2002 I moved to the UK for 6 months to work on automated video surveillance, including foreground segmentation and object tracking. The work was done in the labs of BT Research, UK.

In 2000, I worked as an intern in
Philips Research NY, USA for a year developing a real-time implementation of a method for sharpness enhancement for MPEG-2 coded video.

My master's thesis dealt with
facial expression recognizement in video sequences using HMM. The research was conducted at the image processing group of the UPC.